Sunday, January 18, 2009

Etsy Tip Of The Day

As a new seller on Etsy, I'm really thankful for all the great tips I've gathered from the forums. Hang out there, make a few Etsy friends and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how supportive they all are. So here it is on my blog, a tip every now and then on what I'm doing to improve my shop. It may sound painfully obvious to the experienced sellers, but to the uninitiated, this may be of help to you.

So what's my first Tip? Well, there are actually two. Firstly, add your shop name to your tags. You never know who might be googling your shop and hey, there're 14 tags to fill up, don't let it go to waste!

My second Tip: do you find it a hassle to keep checking on who has hearted your items instead of your shop? There's craftcult to the rescue! I check Google Analytics once in a while (still trying to wrap my head around it, statistics...argh!) and I'm always curious about where my traffic comes from. And craftcult popped up. Oh. My. God. I'm saved!  I believed a few of my items were featured there for a while. There's a function called heart-o-matic in which you feed your shop name and immediately you can track who has hearted you today, how many page views you have etc... even views per heart ratio, which is pretty useful in knowing which items are more popular. Try craftcult, it's the best tool I've stumbled upon!

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cherbie said...

yes i love craftcult. much as i like GA it doens't give me the easy breakdown of who is hearting my items!! : )