Monday, May 4, 2009

My First Paid Advertising with Craftcult

Shelling out $15USD for a Carousel Ad for 4 days makes me feel... all businesswomen-y. So here are the parameters of Craftcult Ad Experiment 1.0: The item listed had an initial view count of 10 with no hearts, the ad started on Monday 4th May 2009. I spotted the ad at around 10am (New York time), with a view count of 16. Will be posting more data at regular intervals, so keep a look out!

8.50pm (New York time)
View Count: 27
New Hearts: 0

7.00am (New York time)
View Count: 33
New Hearts: 0

My featured item has changed, so it's a little hard to track the change in views since I last checked my shop, urgh...

7.00am (New York time)
View Count: 186
New Hearts: ??

2nd featured item: Coral Rose Necklace
9.00pm (New York time)
View Count: 231
New Hearts: 2

Made a sale! It's not the featured item though.

My third item is up!
7.00am (New York time)
View Count: 120
New Hearts: ??

8.00pm (New York time)
View Count: 135
New Hearts: 0

6.00am (New York time)
View Count: 152
New Hearts: 0 

4 item just posted:
View Count: 268 (original)
New Hearts: 0

12.00am (New York time)
View Count: 283
New Hearts: 1

My last item is taken off!
View Count: 291
New Hearts: 1

Total New Views:
1st item: 6
2nd item: 45
3rd item: 32
4th item: 23
3 new hearts

Hmm...106 views seems like a lot, but then with US$15 will let me renew 75 times, even if I get only 5 hearts each time, I'll still get a total of 375 views. Of course this data is not totally accurate, but another advantage of renewing is getting back on top of the pile, which means a higher chance of getting noticed and featured in treasuries/ front page/ gift guides.

I guess I'll stick to adding new items to my shop for now, plus renewing. 
It'll be a while before I advertise again.


Joy said...

I will be watching this with interest... I'm just getting my feet wet with advertising, and haven't really shelled out much cash for it yet. I'll be interested in seeing what your results are. Thanks for sharing with us!

theMIXlab said...

no problem joy =) glad it's of use to you!

marissa said...

that's really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing

Hypnotransformations said...

Thanks for sharing. I always wondered about advertising there. Seems it's not worth it =)